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Known issues

There are known issues with NiceNode - as long as we are in Alpha stage, please expect there to be issues

Mac and Windows

Podman is software that NiceNode uses to run nodes. It is very reliable and stable on Linux, but not yet on Mac and Windows.

  1. Installing. Podman may not install properly. This could be simply due to Podman instability or your hardware or software configuration being unexpected or non-standard.
  2. Nodes crash. This is related to the instability of Podman and NiceNode.

Node does not start

Currently, there are some node and network options in NiceNode that do not work on all operating systems. Here is a table of known combinations which do not currently work

Node(s)Client(s)Network(s)Operating System(s)

Conflicts with Docker

Podman provides the same utility as Docker. However, this means that having Docker installed and running may cause issues when using NiceNode by conflicting with Podman. There should not be any issues on Linux, but with Mac and Windows, it is recommended to stop Docker Desktop first before using NiceNode. Docker Desktop may need to be uninstalled if issues persist.

Released under the MIT License