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Uninstalling NiceNode

NiceNode installs and runs software that runs on its own when you install Podman and run a node. This software will continue to run in the background on your computer, if you only follow the normal steps to uninstall an application with Mac, Windows, or Linux.


Following these steps can stop and remove nodes completely! Read carefully.

Stop and remove background software


Following these steps will stop all nodes that were created with NiceNode and remove all node data. You will not be able to recover the node data.

To stop, cleanup, and remove all Podman software and all nodes and data, then select Nuclear Uninstall in the Menu Bar under Help -> Nuclear Uninstall.

Nuclear Uninstall Menu option

There are additional options to only uninstall Podman or only remove nodes and their data

You may be prompted for your user password to give permissions to remove and uninstall the background software

Uninstall NiceNode

After optionally Stopping and removing background software and node data, uninstall NiceNode just like you would with any other application.




Other Linux distros: view the official distrobution documentation

Released under the MIT License