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Adding a new Node

This is how you can add a new node into the source code of NiceNode so that users can add a new node.

  1. Copy a node package and service, respectively, like ethereum and geth under NodeSpecs and modify them

  2. In src/main/nodeLibraryManager.ts import and add the node package and all services like ethererum geth and other clients

  3. Add the node package to nodeOptions list in src/renderer/Presentational/AddNode/AddNode.tsx. The info field is a short tagline (maximum character length of 150 or tbd)

  4. (optional) Add icons for the node package and service to src/renderer/assets/images/nodeIcons/index.tsx square, png, and around 512x512 ideally

  5. (optional) add the rpcTranslation type to the list NiceNodeRpcTranslation in src/common/rpcTranslation.ts

  6. (optional) to show users server values add rpcTranslation conditions to src/renderer/Presentational/NodeScreen/NodeScreen.tsx and src/renderer/state/rpcExecuteTranslation.ts and modify the header metrics stats for the node package and service.

  7. (optional) set the node color for styles at src/renderer/assets/images/nodeIcons/index.tsx and background (cilent/service background on node package screen) at src/renderer/assets/images/nodeBackgrounds/index.tsx

Released under the MIT License